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Apple iPhone + Vidar Virus Radar - Warning You of Infection Dangers

Advantages of Vidar Virus Radar


Manage infection risk effortlessly.


Retain control of your data; 1000+ Euro compensation, if a Breach of Confidentiality occurs.


Automatically confirms that you are disease free.


Avoid infection or quarantine in case of an epidemic.

How to use it:

In case of an outbreak, the phone will sound an alert when you approach a risk. One appropriate response is to avoid entering an area. Another is to wear a protective face mask and disinfect your hands after leaving the area.

How it works:

Click on the links on the left to find out more about Distributed Contagion Vigilance (DCV) and Contagion Vigilance Automation, which are the concepts behind Vidar virus radar. The links Understanding DCV and especially the "Background publication" explain the data protection mechanisms that ensure user privacy is maintained at all times. The publication illustrates how highly sensitive personal data concerning both sexual activity and a stigmatizing disease can be protected, while promoting public health.

In Norse mythology, Vidar is one of the few gods destined to survive the final conflict.

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